Implementing Agile in Agile Manner

I was attending SCRUM meeting with my team and normally it is followed by a 5 min TIDBIT session by anyone on a round robin basis. One of my team member raised a very good point, he was giving example of how we have successfully implemented Agile in our team. And he pointed out that we have brought in incremental changes. That means we have implemented Agile in the Agile way. We didn't rushed into things we took our time and we moved slowly bringing changes with each iteration.

Here in this article I will explain the manner in which we adopted things and it worked :). We have done in slow steps, the first one was adopting the basics. We started with :
1. SCRUM meetings: We didn't used the white board at this point, but we concentrated on sharing work details with each other (What we did in last 24 hours, What are our plans for next 24 hours, and roadblocks in case we have not achieved the promised objectives)
2. Pair Programming: We started with the practise of Pair Programming and Sharing sessions.

Once these resulted in better trust and self accountability, we moved to next step and introduce some XP practices like:
3. TDD: Test Driven Development
4. Testing Automation: We introduce tools like Watij (Web Application Testing In Java)
5. Continuous Builds: This resulted in tight integration. We used a software called CruiseControl for this purpose.

As and when we started getting results out of it, we moved one more step. Here we introduced
6. Simple Sprint & Product Backlogs: To track all the user stories we were working on.
7. TidBit sessions: 5 Minute session immediately after SCRUM to introduce team sharing.

This was enormous and by this time team has already started feeling the Agile. We took one more step:
8. Improved our Product & Sprint: Improved format to generate Velocity, Put up some Definitions of Done :0).
9. Iteration Plan Meeting: To ensure that we are carefully planning our activities.
10. Sprint Demo: Where developers used to demonstrate the work they have done during the spring in a already agreed upon method.
11. Retrospective Meeting: Meeting that starts after our Spring Demo to find out the good things we did in this Sprint and should be continued and the things that should be removed from the Sprint immediately.

That's it. We do make small changes to these process which we follow. But overall we implemented Agile in Agile manner. :)