Extreme Programming Core Practices

The 12 “XP Xtudes” (Xtude is XP means ‘Attitude’) of Extreme Programming (XP) grouped into four categories

1. Fine Scale feedback

XP thrives on providing feedback at smaller intervals with higher frequency. This allows controlling deviation at the right time, since in software or any othe industry for that matter, once deviation starts happening it is dificult to control at the later stages.

  • Test Driven Development via Programmer Tests (Unit Tests) and Customer Tests (Acceptance Tests/Automation Tests)
  • Planning Game (Definition Iteration Objectives and playfield etc)
  • Whole Team (Onsite Customer + Programmer + Quality Team + Customer Team + Scrum Master + Product Owner)
  • Pair Programming ( two engineers participate in one development effort at one workstation)

2. Continuous Process rather than Batch

3. Shared understanding

4. Programmer welfare